Customer Comments:

"After 6 Water Aerobic classes my "Restless Legs" went away and I can sleep through the night now!"

"Agreat work outand fun class at Summit!"

"I feel so much better after these Water Aerobic and Aqua Pilates classes."


Swim lessons, water safety and water exercise for all ages.

Our instructors are certified Water Safety Instructors who are selected for their experience and maturity.

Enroll the members of your family in the Swimming, Water Safety, or Water Aerobics Program to ensure greater safety, fun, and well-being in all of their water-related activities. more

Where swimming is fun and safety is our first priority!


2014 Winter-Spring Sessions

Now open to register for

  • Water Aerobics
  • Aqua Pilates
  • H2OPE
  • Swim Lessons
  • ....Year Round and Back Yard
  • ....Private Swim Lessons (see below)

For ADULT Swim Lessons and PRIVATE Swim Lessons for Children or Adults call:

972-262-0621 or


To Register for the City of Irving Spring Learn-To-Swim Classes - DO NOT CALL- You must go to the North Lake Aquatic Center


Instructor Background checks by SafeSportsUSA Certified
Instructor Background Checks


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